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Welcome to Hillside - Keep It Local!

Our mission is simple— to provide our customers with a food experience that shows an appreciation for the process. We try to use as many local vendors and farmers as we can — our sausage comes from Schreiner’s in downtown Phoenix where they’ve been for nearly 50 years (we pick it up twice per week) — La Sonorense provides the telera bread for our tortas as well as our tortillas (delivered fresh daily) — fresh bread from MJ’s delivered several times each week — Maya’s Farms delivers bundles of fresh herbs and vegetables through their Community Supported Agriculture program that many of our customers pick up for home — our coffee is roasted locally — local breweries Four Peaks and San Tan as well Oak Creek in Sedona and Lumberyard in Flagstaff supply our draft beers.  

Our initial focus was to bring a fresh, independent perspective to breakfast in Ahwatukee.  Along with our expanded wine and beer lists which feature even more selections from Arizona, the expansion of our Sonoran-style menu has been a big hit with our regulars. These foods keep the philosophy of using local ingredients, preparing them simply and fresh and with great intention. Some items like the chilaquiles, the housemade guacamole and chips and the carne asada quesadilla have quickly become customer favorites.

We love the Craft Beer movement and there is nothing like running up to your local spot and grabbing a burger and a beer - especially if it's a quality burger and beer from our list of more than 100 craft beers. Our burgers are freshly-ground, never frozen and cooked on our mesquite grill. We've designed several burgers from feedback from our regulars or you can build your own - try one with an egg on top. Six craft beers on draft, including Sunbru from Four Peaks, Flagstaff's Lumberyard IPA and Oak Creek Brewery's award-winning hefeweizen - as well as three rotating handles offering seasonal choices from around the country. 

We don’t have a freezer or a microwave to use and most of our ingredients are delivered each day. Our mesquite rotisserie and grill (custom made in Mesquite, TX) provides a wonderful flavor to our pulled pork, pollo asado, carne asada and hamburgers. Additionally, we grind our beef on-site each day for the freshest taste possible. We bake our scones, muffins, pastries, cookies and cakes making each batch from scratch — same with our incredibly light pancake batter. Our french fries arrive as whole potatoes and take several hours of preparation before they arrive at your table.

During the week, we put a special emphasis on getting you in and out quickly for lunch to accommodate busy work schedules. Yet, if you want to stick around during the day, meet some friends and enjoy their company — please do so and don’t feel as if you have to rush. Our goal is to bring a high-quality, independent eatery that can be a gathering place in the community.  Ahwatukee is OURneighborhood too,  and whether you are grabbing an Flaco torta on your way to work, or stopping by for a Grazer plate and a glass of Arizona Stronghold wine, we hope you enjoy the experience at Hillside!


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Full Coffee Bar - Fresh Baked Pastries - Beer & Wine
Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - Happy Hour


7 Days a Week --  6:30am - 9:00pm